Getting started

Before you can begin interacting with our API, you first need to create a Sendcloud account and complete basic account setup.

  1. Follow the steps in Getting started with Sendcloud to set up your account and add an invoice and a sender address.
  2. Enable some carriers in your Sendcloud account
  3. Connect a direct carrier contract (Optional)

How to create your API keys

  1. Login to your Sendcloud account and go to Integrations
  2. Find Sendcloud API in the list of integrations and click Connect
  3. Enter a name for the API integration and click Save
  4. An API Public and Secret Key will be automatically generated
  5. Your username when authenticating with the API is your Public Key, and your password is your Secret Key

Integrating with Sendcloud APIs

You can integrate with our APIs in various ways, depending on your specific needs. Sendcloud provides plug-and-play integrations with 50+ of the most popular e-commerce systems.

If your online store is already supported by our pre-built plugins then you can easily connect it to Sendcloud and begin taking advantage of our hassle-free shipping solutions by following the appropriate Integration guideline.

If you’re looking to automate your current workflow, then our APIs provide you access to our core shipping products and features that are normally available through our UI interface (Sendcloud panel).

Looking to quick start with Sendcloud APIs? Then visit our API Reference.


The fastest way to begin testing and experimenting with our APIs is to grab one of our Postman collections. If you’re new to Postman, you can read the relevant guides on how to set it up and start developing with Sendcloud APIs in a matter of minutes!

Learn how to quickly onboard with our Postman collections by visiting our Postman section

API tutorials

If you’re new to Sendcloud, or to REST APIs, here you can find some step-by-step tutorials to help get you started:

  1. Learn how to make an API call to create your first parcel
  2. Retrieve and compare rates across an extensive list of shipping methods
  3. Update a parcel with your preferred method and create your first shipping label
  4. Create a return parcel from anywhere in the world through the Returns API
  5. Track the status of your parcel via our Tracking API

Need a little help?

We’re here to support you with any questions you might have about our APIs, or otherwise.

To learn more about Sendcloud features, troubleshooting, tips and tricks, you can always refer to our Help Center.

✉ Email

The easiest way to get in touch with us is to Create a support ticket directly from your Sendcloud account

☎ Phone

You can contact us via phone during our office opening hours. You’ll find the number to call in the Support section of your Sendcloud panel.

🗨 Live chat

Chat directly with one our Customer Care Representatives by clicking the live chat button in the botton right corner of your Sendcloud panel. Only available during opening hours.

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