Postman collections offer a convenient way to quickly onboard with Sendcloud APIs


Once you have created your account and completed the setup, you can use our Postman collection which you can find over our Postman public workspace.


The best way to experiment with the collection is to create a fork. A fork allows you to set up your private environments and create a tailored experience for your specific needs. A fork is a new instance of an element that you can change without changing the parent element. In Postman, you can fork collections, environments, and flows. Forking enables you to contribute to a component without having editor access to that element.

Once you have forked a collection, you must create your environment to experiment with it. You can use environments to group related sets of values together and manage access to shared data if you are working as part of a team.

API versions

The collection is based on our existing stable v2 API version, in the future the collection will be able to support beta versions of our APIs

Run in Postman

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