Below is a list of definitions that are referred to through our API documentation in relation to integrations, data models and carrier services.

Term Definition
Announcement The process of registering a shipment with a carrier. A successful announcement results in a tracking number and a shipping label being returned.
Collo The count of parcels in a shipment.
Drop-off The act of handing a parcel over to a service point to be collected and delivered by a carrier.
Integration An online platform, such as an e-commerce Platform,WMS, Marketplace, ERP or custom-built interface that is connected to Sendcloud.
Multicollo A shipment containing multiple parcels which are announced at the same time so that they stay together throughout the delivery journey. Linked parcels are represented on the shipping label.
Order A dataset which contains information about a purchase that has been imported from a user’s webshop integration. Typically fetched and kept up-to-date in the Sendcloud system via a webshop integration.
Pack & Go Sendcloud feature designed to facilitate an easier picking and packing process by allowing orders to be processed via a barcode scanner and/or picking lists and packing slips.
Panel The Sendcloud platform, where you can configure settings, process orders and access core features through our user interface.
Parcel A dataset which contains information about how the delivery will take place. The dataset can be used to announce a parcel with a carrier and obtain a shipping label. A parcel will typically have a shipping label linked to it.
Pickup The act of a carrier collecting parcels (usually in bulk) from a specified location, such as a warehouse or brick-and-mortar store.
Return rule Similar to shipping rules, but applying to return parcels created through the Return portal or Return portal API.
Service point A physical location affiliated with one or more specific carriers, where parcels can be dropped off or collected. Return parcels are typically dropped off at a service point by a customer to be shipped back to the sender. Also called: Parcel shop, Drop-off point
Shipment A dataset which contains order and customer address information. Shipments appear in the Incoming order overview in the Sendcloud panel with the status “Ready to process”. A shipment can have a parcel attached to it.
Shipping product An overarching collection of shipping methods which are grouped together based on shared characteristics. Represents the service offerings of a carrier. An example of a shipping product would be PostNL Standard.
Shipping method A specific service offered by a carrier which determines the rate and method of shipping a parcel to a destination. A sub-set of a Shipping product. An example of a shipping method would be *PostNL Standard 0-23kg. *
Shipping functionality An additional service attached to a shipping method which specifies additional handling required by a parcel, the type of parcel that’s accepted for delivery or a specific delivery deadline. An example of a shipping functionality would be Signature required or Delivery within 24h.
Shipping rule Automation rules that can be created in Sendcloud to automatically apply actions to orders and shipments based on pre-set conditions.
Tracking The process of receiving status updates to indicate the progress of a parcel from the point of label creation to the point of delivery.
Tracking notifications Customisable tracking emails which you can configure in Sendcloud to send automatic updates to your customer every time their parcel reaches a delivery milestone.
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