Shipping rates

Sendcloud API seamlessly connects you to a huge range of carriers worldwide, giving you access to a diverse catalogue of shipping methods and service levels to fit the needs of any e-commerce business. We’re continuously integrating new carriers and methods with our platform across the national and international delivery landscape.

Receive discounts on your shipping labels

You don’t need to have a carrier contract to access shipping methods in Sendcloud. You can create shipping labels using Sendcloud rates, and receive a discount on your label price based on your subscription plan. The higher your plan, the more discount you’ll receive.

Connect your own direct contract

If you have a direct contract with a carrier, you can add it in your Sendcloud account and create labels in Sendcloud using your contracted rates.

Retrieve shipping rates through the API

Through the Sendcloud API, you can access rates for a host of shipping methods, and directly compare pricing for domestic and international delivery options in a single API call.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to access shipping methods via the API, so you can easily compare pricing and service levels across the entire catalogue.

You’ll only be able to see rates for carriers you’ve enabled in your account, so be sure to complete all the steps in our Getting started guide before proceeding.

Get rates for all shipping methods

If you don’t know which method you want to use, or if you want to compare pricing, you can retrieve a list of all available methods and rates by making a GET request to the Get shipping methods endpoint.

See shipping methods.

Get shipping prices

You can access rates for a specific shipping method by making a GET request to the Shipping price endpoint.

You’ll need to know some basic information before you can make your request:

  1. The shipping_method_id. This is the internal reference Sendcloud uses to identify shipping methods. You can retrieve an id via the Shipping methods or Shipping products endpoints. See the following for a quick start guide to retrieving shipping methods via the API: Choose a shipping method.
  2. The weight of your parcel, in a weight_unit of kilogram or gram
  3. The from_country where the parcel will be sent from
  4. (Optional) The to_country
Tip: If you’ve already connected your own carrier contract, then rates for your connected carriers will be null, unless you have uploaded your own contract pricing (beta).
Note: Carriers that use pricing based on shipping zones (e.g. Spanish carriers who charge different rates based on the postal code of the shipment) are not supported.

Example request

This example retrieves the Sendcloud shipping rates for method PostNL Abroad for a parcel shipping from the Netherlands to France with a weight of 2kg.


1curl "" --user "YOUR_API_KEY:YOUR_API_SECRET"

Example response

If your request is successful, you’ll receive a response that looks something like the example below. If you didn’t specify a to_country, the response will include prices for all the shipping destinations that are applicable to this method.

2	{
3		"price": "12.00",
4		"currency": "EUR",
5		"to_country": "FR"
6	}
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