You can schedule a carrier pickup to have your parcels collected by a delivery driver. When you schedule a pickup via the Sendcloud API, the sender address is dynamic, which means that you can request the pickup to take place at an address of your choice.

You can only schedule a one-time (incidental) pickup via the API. If you ship large volumes of orders every week and would like to schedule a recurring pickup on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you can contact your sales representative to arrange this on your behalf.

How to schedule a pickup

Pickups can be scheduled by making a POST request to the Create a pickup endpoint. You can specify a time window for the pickup to take place when you make the request.

Tip: You should schedule your collection at least 2 working days in advance to allow for processing time.

Example request

POST https://panel.sendcloud.sc/api/v2/pickups

 1curl --location -g --request POST 'https://panel.sendcloud.sc/api/v2/pickups' \
 2--header 'Authorization: Basic <credentials>' \
 3--data-raw '
 5    "city": "Eindhoven",
 6    "company_name": "Sendcloud",
 7    "name": "John Doe",
 8    "country": "NL",
 9    "email": "example@sendcloud.com",
10    "address": "Stadhuisplein 10",
11    "address_2": "",
12    "pickup_from": "2022-04-06T12:00:00Z",
13    "pickup_until": "2022-04-06T17:00:00Z",
14    "postal_code": "5611 EM",
15    "quantity": 20,
16    "telephone": "0612345678",
17    "total_weight": "1",
18    "carrier": "dhl_express"

Example response

 2    "id": 1,
 3    "city": "Eindhoven",
 4    "country": "NL",
 5    "address": "Stadhuisplein 10",
 6    "pickup_from": "2022-04-06T12:00:00Z",
 7    "postal_code": "5611 EM",
 8    "quantity": 20,
 9    "company_name": "Sendcloud",
10    "name": "John Doe",
11    "email": "example@sendcloud.com",
12    "address_2": "",
13    "pickup_until": "2022-04-06T17:00:00Z",
14    "reference": "",
15    "special_instructions": "",
16    "telephone": "0612345678",
17    "total_weight": "1.00",
18    "tracking_number": "",
19    "pickup_status": "Announcing",
20    "created_at": "2022-03-30T09:20:37.957495Z",
21    "cancelled_at": null,
22    "carrier": "dhl_express"
It’s also possible to schedule pickups directly from the Sendcloud panel for supporting carriers. Note that additional charges may apply, and there may be a minimum parcel volume required before you can request a pickup. You can find more information on our Help Center.

Supporting carriers

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