You can create your own brands in the Sendcloud panel to customise some of our key features and ensure you stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds, even after they place their order.

Creating a brand allows you to build your own Return portal, advertise your social media presence via the tracking page feature, and keep your customers updated through automated tracking notifications.

You can create multiple brands in your account and link them to your sender addresses. Check out our guide on creating and managing brands in our Help Center.

How to associate a brand with a sender address

Brands must be associated with a sender address. If you have multiple sender addresses, you can associate a different brand with each one. This, in turn, will allow you to create a unique return portal, tracking page and tracking email design for each of your sites or store locations.

When you Create a parcel, the brand which is linked to it will be based on the sender_address_id you specify in your request. If you don’t specify a sender address, then your default address will be used to create the parcel.

To link a brand to a sender address:

  1. Login to your Sendcloud account
  2. Go to Address settings
  3. Click the stylus icon to edit an address
  4. Select the brand you want to associate with this address from the dropdown menu and Save.
Tip: Assigning multiple brands to one sender address.
Only one brand can be to a sender address. You can, however, create duplicate sender addresses and assign a different brand to each one. It’s advised to give each duplicate address a different label (Settings > Addresses > Sender addresses) so you can easily identify which address is which throughout the panel.
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