Servicepoints for marketplaces

Service point delivery allows online buyers to have their parcel delivered to a local service point location, as opposed to their home or business address. To enable service point delivery, you first need to ensure that you’ve ticked the appropriate box and selected some applicable carriers in the API integration settings menu in your Sendcloud account. If you’re following a decentralized integration setup, each merchant who wants to offer service point delivery will have to perform these steps in their Sendcloud account.

Secondly, you need to provide a way for the end-customer to select their preferred service location during the checkout process. Sendcloud offers a separate Service Points API. To support service point delivery, you’ll need to retrieve a list of available service points within a specified search radius via the Retrieve a list of service points endpoint. You can display this list of to the end-customer during your checkout process, so that they can select their preferred location to have their parcel delivered to.

Service point picker example

You can find an example of how to integrate a service point picker into your checkout over

Once the customer has selected a service point, you’ll need to include it in your request to the Create a parcel endpoint. Every service point supported by Sendcloud will have a unique service_point_id assigned to it. The service_point_id which corresponds to the customer’s selected location needs to be provided in your API request by passing the following argument:

Argument Value Required
to_service_point ID of the selected service point Yes
Tip: You can find an example API request to create a parcel which ships to a service point location in our API documentation.

Service point delivery methods

If you want to offer service point delivery to your sellers and their customers, it’s important that you also provide them with applicable shipping methods to choose from. You will need to present your seller with the option to purchase either a standard delivery method or a service point delivery method at the point of sale. To find a suitable service point delivery method via the API, refer to our documentation.

Tip: Depending on how you choose to tailor your customer journey, you can present multiple different methods from various carriers to offer more flexibility to your sellers.
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