Cancel a label

It’s possible to create labels in Sendcloud and then cancel them before the carrier deadline. This is good to know for testing purposes, in particular when you want to test creating return parcels.

Tip: In most cases, you will not be charged for labels which are not shipped and cancelled before 23:59 on the day of creation.

Conditions for label cancellation

It’s not always possible to cancel a parcel which is already announced. As a result, cancellation is not guaranteed and may be asynchronous depending on the state of the parcel.

Cancellation deadlines differ between carriers. Some carriers do not accept cancellation requests at all, regardless of cancellation deadline. If in doubt, check this article to see terms per carrier.
Each carrier will have different cancellation deadlines. Some carriers do not accept cancellation requests regardless of whether or not the label is cancelled within the deadline. You can find out more about cancellation deadlines and supporting carriers on our Help Center.

How to cancel a label

Labels can be cancelled or deleted from the Sendcloud panel or via the API.

To cancel a label, make a request to the Cancel/Delete a parcel endpoint and specify the parcel id as the path parameter for the POST request to

If the parcel already had a shipping label, it will be cancelled but it will still be in the Sendcloud system under the original parcel id. In the Sendcloud panel, it will appear in the Cancelled labels tab.

Example response:

2  "status": "cancelled",
3  "message": "Parcel has been cancelled"

If the parcel did not have a shipping label attached to it, and was not yet announced with the carrier, then the parcel object will be deleted. You will need to create the parcel again if you want to announce it at a later date.

Example response:

2	"status": "deleted",
3	"message": "Parcel has been deleted"

Information about cancelled labels

  • If you don’t manage to cancel a label within the deadline, don’t worry. You’ll be charged for the label, but if you cancel it within 42 days and it remains unshipped, the cost will automatically be reimbursed on your next invoice.
  • When the cost for a label is deducted, it will be clearly stated on your invoice. For more information see here.
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